The Challenge

Virgin Mobile Australia spend millions on trying to find new customers. But what about the existing customers? The ones that have been loyal to Virgin Mobile for many years?

They wanted to reward there already existing customers in a unique way. Something that showed them Virgin Mobile hasn’t forgotten them, something that would seperate them out from the other major telcos.

My Role

Digital Art Director

UX Designer

The Approach

We celebrated their Virgin Mobile birthday. We recorded Virgin Mobile’s message as a song, timed to synchronise with the video footage that was filmed as one continuous. The personalisation points were integrated within the video. Customers were presented with a birthday gift via a real-time SMS received in-sync with their video playing. The email allowed Virgin Mobile to say cheers to their most important customers in such a special way that it prompted them to share it on social media.

We celebrated there Virgin Mobile birthday!

Our customers would receive a personalised email informing them of there Virgin Mobile birthday, they were directed to the campaign landing page to view there special message and in real time after the video they would receive a special text….kinda creepy but cool


With a email open rate of 90% which was record breaking for Virgin Mobile email campaigns. Thousands of delighted customers sharing there special birthday message on social media which led to many more new customers for Virgin Mobile….Cheers!

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