The Challenge

Well after 3 knee surgeries and a tragic football career in the Manly Warringah Football Association Premier league it was time to hang up the boots…sorta

I could never fully walk away from football when i hung up the boots for the final time in 2016. So how could i still give back to the league i’ve dedicated so much time to? By taking the piss out of it of course.  Me and 2 mates came up with Hunch

My Role


Art Director



The Approach

Hunch is a tipping competition for those die hard amateur football fans, the ones lining the sidelines on a Saturday afternoon with a tin in hand screaming out the same old insult year after year. Tipping leagues shouldn’t be just the big leagues we wanted start at the grass roots, the problem at that grass roots level is there usually run by old blokes who struggle to use a smartphone. So we stepped in and decided to give the fans and player what they deserve.

Tipping leagues shouldn’t be just the big leagues we wanted start at the grass roots

In the first season of launching Hunch we had 180 tippers enters the competition, with the success of this we needed a channel to communicate to this new audience and thats when the fun began.

Social Channel

The Hunch Facebook page gave us a platform to give updates on tips, news from around the grounds, reminders, score updates and few piss takes. The Facebook page grew from just 100 people to nearly 800 people in it’s first season since launching. We became the main source of news, score and content for the MWFA.

The Conclusion

The feedback was all positive in the first season even few blokes shouting us a few beers at the bar around the beaches. Hunch is currently in talks with developers and will continue to grow

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