The Challenge

What do you do when your beloved team is struggling at the bottom of the NRL competition? 

The Newcastle Knights a Rugby League club rich in history, known as the under dogs from a small NSW town. Birth place of NRL immortal Andrew Johns the club was rock bottom on the ladder for 2016. With the 2017 season approaching we needed to get the fans behind there beloved team.

My Role

Digital Art Director

UX Designer

The Approach

With over 30,000 square feet of turf up for grab at the Knights home ground we pin pointed historical moments throughout the stadium. The immersive website allowed user to explore the stadium and choose a patch from their favourite moments and contribute there own memories on that sacred piece of turf. User also had a deed personalised in there name to confirm there ownership of that patch.

30 years of glory, hardship, hopes and dreams has seeped into that grass.

Users could explore every moment in history on there phone, each region had it’s own personalised patch with historical moment planted on that patch


We also filmed a commercial for the fans to lead them to the website. The main aim was to fire up the emotions of the fans and get them to believe in there team again. Even featuring a few start studded players touching there moment where it all went down inside the stadium.

What's going on?