The Challenge

Country residents make up only one-third of the NSW population, two-thirds of all fatalities occur on country roads.

Last year, 252 lives were lost on country roads in NSW. If you live in the country, you are four times more likely to die in a road crash than if you live in a metropolitan area. This is unacceptable.

My Role


Art Director


The Approach

There was something that clicked when listening to people reacting to the shocking fact “Yeah…but”. Such a common saying when trying to justify your actions. “Yeah..but thats just young blokes who are speeding” “Yeah…but i’m almost home” “Yeah…but there’s no . one on these roads” but an excuse makes everything okay? Well, not if you’re travelling at 80kmph.

The road is no place for excuses

Helping make “Yeah…BUT” a thing of the past

Social Channel

Working closely with Transport for NSW and their media and social media agencies, we developed an integrated PR campaign featuring local ambassadors and people in the street, to really hit you in the feels!


It’s a scary site when driving down the highway and seeing something terrible that happened and thinking to yourself “geez what happened there!” Andrew Goldie shot a series of print ads on NSW country roads that depict the aftermath of car crashes

What's going on?