Recycling Bin

4 Pines Radio

What is it? Think of it as a music festival in your box of beer. Through the delights of cardboard engineering, customers will be able to transform their humble pack into a speaker that amplifies the sounds of our music scene’s newest talent.

We use a more hi-tech solution that still enables your pack of beer to be dismantled and re-built around several pieces of basic tech that would deliver a sound system that would boost your favourite sounds. Even created a google inpired protype to play a radio station when you say “play 4 pines radio”

Tram Smart

It’s been a long time since Sydney residents enjoyed the convenience of trams in the city. 56 years to be exact. That means most people who use the city would never have seen or used a tram

So did you know “trams” spells “smart” backwards? With this simply play on words we can educate the Sydney residents on how to be safe around Sydney’s new light rail crossings. Through a series of hilarious #notsotramsmart posts we can get our message out to our audience without finger wagging

Sydney Water Beautiful Bubblers

With increase in awareness about the impact of plastic water bottles on the environment we needed to encourage more people to use a more sustainable source of water. What’s better than Sydney’s finest straight out of the tap? Well for start the tap! let’s be honest they’re not the best looking things you good put your lips too.

To encourage people to fill up their resuable bottle or simply to drink from the tap we needed to jazz them up a bit. Using local artists from around Sydney’s major regions create a series of beautiful bubblers for people to enjoy. Such as a beautiful waratah shaped fountain in Botanic Gardens or a crazy straw inspired fountain out in Parramatta Park for kids to drink and play. Creating awareness that Sydney Water has perfectly good if not the best water to drink


Everyone loves a beer after that final whistle blows but you gotta rehydrate first don’t you. Get some water or sport drink in then crack a tin with your team mates.

What if i told you that you can reach for that beers and it will hydrate you? Well you could with a bit of science and brewing. A beer that has electrolytes in it is the perfects beer after a hard slog on the pitch it’s the perfect beer for a REAL hard earned thirst.

We approached a professor to ask him is it possible for a sportsman to consume the beer after a game Ben Desbrow – “our augmented light beer was by far the most well retained by the body, meaning it was the most effective at re-hydrating the subjects” – Dr Ben Desbrow,Associate Professor in Sports Nutrition, Griffith University

Currently in talk with a few brewing companies about this prospect…

World’s smallest Website

With the death of Flash we had to switch over to HTML5 banners. Guess what website are made of? HTML5, with this change could we put a whole website inside a 300x250 banner. So instead of the user navigating to a particular website we can target them using web banners and interests. Putting a twist on the classic square format banner


We all love a classic aussie beer ad, but what really happens after the cameras stop rolling?

Leveraging the greatest aussie beer commercials scenes from Carlton Draught dancer to VB’s hard earned thirst can we reveal at the end of every great beer ad what the crew and actor really reach for.

It’s a canadian club of coarse after take after take of pouring and sculling beers surely they would be over beer by the end of the day.

10 Years of parklife

A park isn’t a park without any people in it. We want to celebrate our decade anniversary of Parramatta Park with giving back to the people that make a park, a park

As a part of the 10 year celebration we can create a hashtag for social for people to upload what they love doing in the park. As a catch using those photos we can 3d print little figurines of them and recreate the park as an installation/diorma of 10 years of parklike western Sydney

Using our installation as a key visual we can repurpose the diorama for online interactive experience for people to explore the parks many different regions and events. Even find yourself in the diorama and purchase yourself as a tiny figurine

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